Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Elmer and Butterfly (David Mckee)

Cute story. Since we're studying butterflies right now this seemed to be a good one. We were a little stumped by the idea of a patchwork elephant. Why is he patchwork? The other stumpifying material was the elephant's friend, Wilbur. He seems to play a significant part of the story by throwing his voice, but he isn't a significant part of the story.

We did love the idea that a butterfly could save an elephant though. Everyone has strengths!

Goodreads summary:

The famous patchwork elephant is back in another heart-warming adventure about friendship and teamwork.

One day, as Elmer is strolling through the jungle, he hears a cry for help. A butterfly has been trapped in a hole by a fallen branch. Elmer rushes to the rescue and frees her with ease. In return she promises to help Elmer should he ever need it. Elmer cannot imagine how a tiny butterfly could ever help him, but he finds out sooner than he expects.

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