Monday, June 6, 2016

Bob and Otto (Robert O Bruel, Nick Bruel)

I met another teacher when I was volunteering at Storybook Theatre. We got talking about school. She really loves science and was a great resource for some of the topics we do in grade three. She told me about a wonderful book, which, as she was talking, made me realize it would be great for our character assembly this month! Today we got to work on it. The kids are very excited. They totally got the concept that if everyone looks after their responsibilities, everything just goes much more smoothly.

Goodreads summary:

Bob and Otto do best-friend kinds of things together--eating leaves, digging, playing--until the day Bob decides to climb a tree, simply because . . . he has to. When the two meet again, Otto is still the same dirt-loving earthworm, but Bob has done the unthinkable: grown wings. Friendship overcomes all else in this sweet and funny story, because no matter what happens, ". . . friends are important." 

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