Friday, June 10, 2016

Butterfly Park (Elly Mackay)

This is really a beautiful book. The pictures are amazing! It's a mash of sadness about having to move and finding friendship and beauty in what seems like an abandoned lot.

Goodreads summary:

When a little girl moves to a new town, she finds a place called Butterfly Park. But when she opens the gate, there are no butterflies.
Determined to lure the butterflies in, the girl inspires her entire town to help her. And with their combined efforts, soon the butterflies—and the girl—feel right at home.
Elly MacKay's luminous paper-cut illustrations and enchanting story encourage community, friendship, and wonderment in the beauty of everyday life.
Free poster on reverse side of book jacket.

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  1. I like the short story which you have written about that we really are busy now a days that we don't remember to give time to our families.