Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Anna Banana and the Chocolate Explosion

We probably should have read book one first. I assume you get introduced to the character and all her little animals in the first book. We were a little lost. Still though, the story was cute and we loved the explosions!

One of her stuffies wants to cook on his own, but it turns out he's buying his finished product at a bakery. Good potential for honesty discussion. Is it really dishonest to trick someone?

Anna Banana is at it again!

The lovable tyrant from Sleep Tight, Anna Banana! is up to no good, and so are all of her beloved stuffed animals. In this adorable sequel to the 2014 picture book, Anna Banana and her stuffed pals set out to make a chocolate cake...and end up making a big, big, big mess.

With all the charm and whimsy that won reader's hearts in the first book of the series, Anna Banana and the Chocolate Explosionwill give Anna Banana's fans more of what they love...and win over new readers.

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