Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You're Finally Here (Melanie Watt)

Great book to start the year off with! I'm so excited my class is finally here.  It is the first book in our Book A Day Challenge. 

They thought the story was hilarious. Some asked, "Who is he talking to?"

At the end, I told them how happy I was that they're finally here. I'm thrilled to spend this year with them.

Hooray! You're finally here! But where were you? A bunny bounces through a range of emotions in this funny picture book about how difficult it is to wait. At first he's ecstatic that you, the reader, has arrived. But then he can't help letting you know that waiting for you took too long, was way too boring, and even became insulting. The bunny is ready to forgive everything if you will promise to stay. But hold on--he has to take a phone call. Wait! Come back !Where are you going? Underneath this book's silly, in-your-face humor are feelings true to every child who has had to wait for someone's attention.

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