Monday, September 28, 2015

The Crocodile Under the Bed (Judith Kerr)

Another Judith Kerr win! Judith Kerr's ability to tap into children's imagination is delightful. As we were reading this book, my students were horrified at first that the boy couldn't go to a birthday party. Truly unfair! They felt sad for him and you could see it in their faces. Then when the crocodile was under his bed they were a little bit scared. Those are dangerous animals. Then the crocodile took him to an even better party - of course! They loved the fun things that happened at the party. It seemed totally logical that a kid would end up at the King's party! In the end they all agreed that even though crocodiles are dangerous, they'd definitely keep this one!

A magical new classic in the making from the creator of the beloved favourite, The Tiger Who Came to Tea.
Once there was a little boy called Matty, and he was very sad…
From the creator of the iconic picture books The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Mog the Forgetful Cat, comes a brand new story about joy, parties… and crocodiles!
Matty is sick, and very sad because he’s too sick to go to the Queen’s birthday party! But when he gets an unexpected visitor, it seems that Matty might not miss out after all…

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