Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Great Granny Gang (Judith Kerr)

Really cute story. It made us laugh to think of an actually granny gang. Some of the words/phrases were a little tricky and the rhymes a little awkward...but easily overlooked. We really enjoyed this story.

On Goodreads there were many glowing reviews about Judith Kerr. I wasn't aware of any of her other books. Must check them out.

About Judith Kerr, Wikipedia says:

Judith Kerr is a German-born British writer and illustrator who has created both enduring picture books such as the Mog series and The Tiger Who Came To Tea and acclaimed novels for older children such as the autobiographical When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit which give a child's-eye view of the Second World War.

Kerr was born in Berlin but left Germany with her parents and her brother, Michael Kerr, in 1933, soon after the Nazis first came to power. They were forced to leave as her father, noted drama critic, journalist and screenwriter Alfred Kerr, had openly criticised the Nazis. His books were burned by the Nazis shortly after the family fled Germany. They travelled first to Switzerland and then on into France, before finally settling in Britain, where she has lived ever since. She subsequently became a naturalised British citizen.

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