Tuesday, September 22, 2015

One Night at the Zoo (Judith Kerr)

This book is by the same author as the Great Granny Gang, which we loved. On Goodreads, there were a number of comments about the author. I wasn't familiar with her so I went and found a bunch of her books at the public library.

Really fun story. We have had stuffies in our classroom that some of us are SURE move when we're not looking, so the things the author writes that animals might do after the zoo closes makes perfect sense.

I didn't point out the number pattern, but my class noticed it right away. We talked about how it was a pattern increasing by one. We also liked the rhythm of the words and caught on to the pattern of words quite quickly.

Beautiful illustrations. We will really enjoy reading this book to our Reading Buddies.

So, what did the other animals do? You can count on them to astonish you! It's the beginning of an extraordinary night of wild antics, high spirits and unthinkable surprises from all the zoo animals, and still nobody knew --except of course, YOU!

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