Thursday, June 20, 2013

Marty McGuire (Kate Messner/Brian Floca)

I read this book because it has been chosen by The Global Read Aloud for the book for the fall of 2013.  I really like Kate Messner. Strangely though, this is the first of her books that I have read! I read her blog all the time. She does a summer writing program for teachers online and I have stood on the sidelines watching it for a couple years (really should jump on the wagon).

Marty McGuire is a great little book. It's about a girl in Grade 3 who is a bit of a tom-boy. There are more Marty McGuire books too - which will be great for my Grade 3 kids next year. I plan to read this one aloud to them, perhaps connect with some other classrooms somewhere in the world to have a follow up activity, and hopefully, my kids will want to read more Marty McGuire books!

This story is about a school play. Marty, who is nothing close to a princess type girl, gets cast as the princess in the school play. The play is the Frog Prince and Marty surprises everyone with a REAL frog during the performance. There are lots of laughs for the reader in this book. I love how she narrates the story, her name calling and trickery. It's really a lot of fun!

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