Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Witches (Roald Dahl)

The Witches has become a bit of a tradition in my life. I read it aloud to my class two years ago. Last year, instead, we did it for Book Club and it was a real hit.  This year I got a bit of push back on it. Some parents weren't happy with kids reading about witches. I have really began to worry less about those criticisms over the past year or so. I am more comfortable recommending books and realize that not every book is for every kid. Actually, I quite like it when there are disagreements because it makes for a better discussion. If nothing else, it helps us all to expand our thinking just a little bit.

We had a fun discussion and we played the character game - a good old stand by. All in all, I loved reading this with these kids. Next year though, I might have to save it for a read aloud in class. It is just too fun to read aloud!

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