Saturday, October 18, 2014

We Share Everything (Robert Munsch)

This week we read a story called Priscilla, Meet Felicity by Kathleen Leverich. My class was quite struck by this story. We often talk about how friends need to share. Felicity is a difficult friend in this story because she takes things from Priscilla, all in the name of friendship, only she doesn't ask for Priscilla's permission. The words my kids used a lot was that she "used friendship" to get what she wanted.

The discussion reminded me of the story We Share Everything. It also takes sharing to an extreme. The kids thought it was hilarious. Our lunch hour was full of lots of laughter thanks to this cute little story. We listened to Robert Munsch himself tell the story from his website.

The story is about two children in a kindergarten class. They're told by their teacher that in kindergarten everyone shares. They take it to the extreme by sharing their shirt and their pants and, well, everything!

Robert Munsch is always good for a chuckle.

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