Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Two Speckled Eggs (Jennifer K Mann)

GoodReads summary:

It’s Ginger’s birthday, and she has to invite all the girls in her class to her party, including Lyla Browning. Lyla isn’t like the other girls: she smells like old leaves, doesn’t talk much, and once brought a tarantula to school for show-and-tell. On the day of the party, Lyla is much earlier than everyone else. But even after the others arrive, Ginger’s party doesn’t go quite the way she’d hoped: some of the girls change the rules to the games, and no one likes her silver and gold birthday cake — except Lyla. By the time Lyla gives Ginger her present — a tiny homemade nest with two delicious malted-milk eggs — Ginger begins to wonder: is being different really such a bad thing?

This story was read as a part of our character lessons on influence. The children in our classroom loved how Lyla wasn't influenced by what other kids did and liked. She knew exactly what she liked and study with it. They also liked how Ginger saw the good in Lyla. Lovely story!

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