Monday, November 17, 2014

Myrtle (Tracey Campbell Peterson)

I love this story! Here is the Goodreads Summary: 

"Myrtle is happy. Her mom loves her. Her dad loves her. Her baby brother loves her. She has a good life -- until Frances moves next door. Frances does not love Myrtle, and she makes it her mission to keep Myrtle miserable. She makes mean signs, sings mean songs, and says mean things. It comes to the point when Myrtle is afraid to play outside. Then Aunt Tizzy comes to visit, fresh from an African safari, and she has some very good pointers to share with Myrtle, learned from keeping the lions at bay.

"Exuberant and funny, Pearson's story and pictures will resound for any child who's encountered a mean mouse like Frances."

I love that her aunt shows her how to handle someone like Frances. Her aunt is a great influence. I love it that they don't end up being friends. Myrtle just continues being happy and doesn't let France's influence her.

Now that is a great lesson in life!

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