Monday, July 30, 2018

What's The Magic Word (Kelly DiPucchio)

This is a cute rhyming story. It would be fun to use it when our kindergarten classes are hatching their chicks. It would also work really well when we're writing couplets. Once students catch on to the fact that it rhymes and that there's a pattern, they could make predictions about where the chick is going to land next.

Goodreads says:

No matter where Little Bird goes, everyone wants to know the magic word. Is it "Peep-peep?" "Moo-moo?" "Oink-oink?"

How will Little Bird ever find out? Not until Little Bird returns home does he hear the magic word from his very own Mama Bird!

Kelly DiPucchio's rhythmic and noise-filled text combines with Marsha Winborn's colorful illustrations for a delightful swirl of a book.

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