Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Ella Who? (Linda Ashman)

You know how now and then you leave the door open and someone or something wanders in? Well, in this story, it's an elephant. Only, all the adults don't see it and don't really listen to what she is saying.

Super cute illustrations.

This book could be used in all three of the Open Court units we usually do!

Goodreads says:

Mom . . . there’s an elephant in the living room. 
It’s moving day—and look who slipped in the door: an elephant! But when a little girl tries to tell her family about their unusual guest, the distracted grown-ups just say, “Ella WHO?” Even as children giggle at the girl’s adventures with the smallishpachyderm, and at the fun, recurring refrain, they’ll relate to the poignant theme about making—and sometimes letting go of—new friends.

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