Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Bear Report (Thyra Heder)

Beautiful illustrations! The water color style makes it seem kind of dreamy.

This would be a great book to read when we are doing our animal life cycle reports. Sophie immerses herself in learning when she is assigned a research report. What she ends up sharing is so much more interesting than the first three points she writes down.

Goodreads says:

Sophie does not want to do her homework, a research report on polar bears. Bor-ing. They’re big. They eat things. They’re mean. What else is there to say about them anyway? As it turns out, plenty. And when a polar bear named Olafur swoops her away to the Arctic, she soon learns all about the playful bear’s habits and habitat—from glacier mice to the northern lights—and, despite her first reservations, she finds herself not just interested but excited about the Arctic. When the two are swept out to sea on an iceberg, Sophie’s new knowledge and knack for creative thinking pay off in a big way: she calls a whale to their aid! Inspired by her journey, she’s ready to return home and take another swing at her assignment, this time with gusto.

The Bear Report showcases the power of curiosity and imagination to fill any blank canvas, whether it’s an incomplete homework assignment or the Arctic ice.

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