Monday, April 4, 2016


It's Monday. What are you reading?

This week I'm breaking my rules. I decided this year that I wouldn't start another book until I'm finished the one I'm reading....but sometimes that just doesn't work!

I plan to re-read Pax. I learned about Notice and Note and I want to use the strategies in that book to find themes in Pax. I know I missed a lot! We have our book club meeting this week so I feel like a quick re-read is in order.

Which brings me to Notice and Note. I'm so excited about this! I learned about it on a podcast. I tweeted my English teacher inspiration, Pam and asked her if she'd heard of it and if she thought I needed it. She gave a big thumbs up for it. I ran out and bought it today!!

I'm also plugging away at my brain book. The brain is one of my recent obsessions.

I need to read this book for Battle of the Books. It is coming up soon!

AND I have to throw this one in too! I got an Advanced Reader's Copy of a book sent to me from Harper Collins. I am so excited to be considered to review an ARC!

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