Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Emily's Tiger (Miriam Latimer)

One of my student's bought this book for me as a gift at our school's book fair. What a great surprise!

We enjoyed the pictures. The children noticed that when Emily gets angry and roars she starts to get a tiger tail and paws. In the story her Grandma teaches her to control her anger. We talked about how it's okay to have feelings of anger, but we need to learn how to use those feelings appropriately.

Goodreads summary:

Whenever Emily doesn't get her way, she growls and roars like a tiger. She roars when her mother tries to cut her hair, she roars when she doesn't get picked to be the assistant to the clown at a birthday party???????????? what are her mom and dad going to do with their tiger-daughter? Then Grandma comes to stay ???????????? and she knows a thing or two about tigers and tempers! 

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