Thursday, February 25, 2016


We may be reading Ella Enchanted for Grade 3 book club. This was a great way to lead into the discussion about different versions of stories. We also have read The Bremen Town Musicians in Open Court. One of the members of our class found a Grimm's Fairy Tales in the library that had it as well. After watching a video, we learned that versions of stories really vary!

The illustrations in this story are amazing! We could have read through this book and pointed out interesting things for 30 minutes or more, I'm sure.

The ending is hilarious - the prince actually doesn't want to get married, just like Chickerella! They actually go into business together instead. :)

Goodreads Summary:

When Chickerella's new stepmother and stepsisters move in, life in the chicken coop takes a turn for the worse. Chickerella won't even be able to attend the Fowl Ball, that is, until her Fairy Goosemother appears. The unusually stylish Chickerella dazzles the prince in her eggsquisite gown, but at the stroke of midnight, she must race home before the spell is broken.

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