Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mercy Watson To The Rescue (Kate DiCamillo)

Re read Feb 9, 2016: This is a perfect book for kids not quite ready for bigger chapter books. My students were totally taken by the story. They laughed at the right spots and they listened intensely. Seemed just right for many. I plan to get them all out of the library for them!

Originally read: December 9, 2014:

I love how Kate DiCamillo is able to romanticize the simplest of things. In this book it is toast with lots of butter. She dedicates the book to someone who loves toast with lots of butter. In the 'about the author' she says she had the idea for the story in her head but didn't know how to tell its until she was listening to a friend one day go on about the virtues of toast. 

Mercy Watson is a pig that lives with Mr. and Mrs. Watson. They treat him just like he was their child. In this story there is an emergency and Mercy saves them with the help of a cantankerous neighbor. I loved the pictures of Mercy chasing around with Eugenia Lincoln from next door. It reminds me of how our dog likes to let you chase him.

Animals - of course, because there is a pig
Communication - Mercy is able to get Eugenia and Babe to call the fire department without actually talking
Early Chapter Books - Less than 100 pages and easy to read
Humor - How can you not smile when you look at Mercy's enthusiastic face?!
love - Mr and Mrs Watson love Mercy and Mercy reciprocates that love by saving them
Silly Stories - a pet pic is a little silly. I would have to agree with Eugenia

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