Friday, January 29, 2016

The Invisible Wall (Harry Bernstein)

You could sum up the theme of the book with this quote:

P. 271 What is this world going to grow up? When are people going to learn that were all alike and nobody's better or worse than anybody else? How many wars do we have to fight, and how many more millions have to be slaughtered before the world gets any sense in its fat head?

I fond this story took me a long time to read. I found most of it quite dreary....which seems right. There lives were dreary. Reading it was a little like sitting around listening to relatives tell stories. A little painful, and I am easily distracted in the process...but it should be done.

 I do admire the author's memory though! I liked that he didn't immortalize his family by making everything a rosy memory. I think there is a lot to learn from the imperfections in life, and Harry certainly experienced them.

If I had to draw the story of this book it would be a long flat line until the last two chapters. It was worth getting there though. The epilogue totally warmed my heart too.

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