Tuesday, January 26, 2016

...and Nick (Emily Gore)

Such a cute story! Often those kids who are late bloomers are the ones who are gentle and sensitive like Nick.

The idea of being a "late bloomer" was a new one to my class. They did understand about "not having your growth spurt yet" though. 

Nick isn’t sure what he wants—and that’s okay! Youngest siblings and late bloomers will be delighted by this charming and reassuring picture book.

There are four mice brothers: Rick, Mick, Vick…and Nick!

Nick is the youngest, and while his brothers each know exactly what they want, Nick is never quite sure. Which color shirt is the nicest? What does Nick want to eat? Which flower will be best to pick from the meadow? Nick doesn’t know! But…

He might just be waiting for the right moment to bloom.

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