Monday, December 1, 2014

Martin Bridge: Blazing Ahead! (Jessica Scott Kerrin)

Goodreads summary:

Martin Bridge returns with more daily slice-of-life adventures. This time, Martin's first overnight camping trip with the Junior Badgers is going to be a weekend with the works! There are badges to earn, gooey campfire treats to eat, hiking trails to explore -and Alex's pranks to avoid. But when Martin finds himself on the receiving end of his friend's horror-movie slime, it's payback time! Join Martin Bridge as he blazes ahead with a flashy campfire performance, an inspired prank of his own, some lightning-fast bicycle repairs and a surefire way to make his father's old lawn mower go like blazes.

I've tried. I really tried. This was recommended to us by our librarian. I have been reading it aloud to our class. It hasn't been a hit as a read-aloud. It might be better as an individual read. The chapters go on for way too long. We are going to abandon it and move on to something else.

....and I can't find a website for the author. I did find her on a Nova Scotia writer's website though. What author in this day and age doesn't have a website?? She is a Canadian author, so I was really trying. Sorry Jessica Scott Kerrin! It didn't work out.

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