Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Chanakah Noel (Sharon Jennings)

This is a wonderful story. There are so many of us who live amongst people who celebrate in different ways. Everyone's traditions are special and it is nice to find ways to be a part of it even if you are not a part of that religion or culture.
We read this book on Tumblebooks.
Goodreads summary:

When Charlotte and her family move to France, there is a lot to adjust to. Because she can't speak French, Charlotte is put in the lowest grade, which she doesn't like. And what she dislikes the most is when Colette, a girl in her class, calls her a "foreigner." But the holidays are coming, and Charlotte is fascinated by the preparations being made for Christmas--"Noel" in French. To her disappointment, her mother tells her that this is not for their family, they will have Chanukah instead. But when Charlotte learns that Colette's family will miss Christmas too, not because they are Jewish but because they are poor, she puts aside her hurt feelings and convinces her parents that they should give Christmas to Colette's family, as a gift.


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