Friday, December 12, 2014

Dear Dumb Diary (Jim Benton)

This is right up there with Sponge Bob and Captain Underpants. It is one of those books that presents me with the dilemma, "Is it responsible of me to encourage kids to read this series if it gets them hooked on reading?"

I still don't know.

I have a number of girls who really seem to love these books.

There are some laugh out loud moments, but there are also a number of cringe-worthy issues: girls who spend all their time worrying about getting a boy's attention, who could care less about school and their poor grades, and obsession about whatever the latest clothing or lip gloss or shoe fad is. I hated the fat shaming. I really didn't like the cattiness between the main character and the seemingly more popular girl.

And then I found out the author is a male.

...and I was horrified that he had so many girls so pegged....kind of like looking in the mirror and realizing you have a huge zit on your face....and it's bleeding...and everyone noticed.

I will have a hard time recommending this one. There are so many good books in this world. I can't really say this is one.

Maybe lots of people will disagree with me. I just have a hard time with this one.

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