Monday, June 2, 2014

The Legend of Spud Murphy (Eoin Colfer)

This is a hilarious story. Will and Marty Woodman are 2 of 5 boys in a family. The parents decide there is enough craziness at home and the two of them, since they're the oldest, need to do something a little more productive with their time - so off to the library they go. They're scared to spend any time at the library because of the legendary very scary librarian, Spud Murphy. She doesn't just have eyes in the back of her head, she has spidey senses that tell her when kids misbehave in the library. Even the best prankster can't prank her.

This is a short chapter book, perfect for kids who are just getting into reading chapter books. There's lots of humor and brotherly ribbing to keep any younger elementary boy's interest peaked! I love the lesson in this book: libraries really are great places and librarians aren't as scary as some think.

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