Thursday, June 26, 2014

Oh the Places You'll Go (Dr. Seuss)

I always like to read Oh, the Places You'll Go to my class at the end of the year. I did that again today. We talked about all the Dr. Seuss books we have read and loved. Not a lot of children had read this one. As we read, one piped up that this book didn't make any sense. We talked about the symbolism of all the changes that happen in life and why I might like to read this book to them at the end of the year. I think some of them got it! :) I encouraged them to read it again and again and always think of our Grade 3 class.

Dr. Seuss is a children's author, but the themes in this book work for all ages. As one poster, on Goodreads, said: "The book conveys the problems and challenges that people face in life. The colorful illustrations are very interesting and there are geometrical landscapes on most of the pages. We are introduced to "The Waiting Place" in the book, where people are always waiting for something to happen. However, it never does. I believe that there is an underlying message here, that opportunities will not fall into your lap in life, one must get up and search for these, travel and see beautiful places. I think that the author is saying that nothing will come from waiting around in life."

I ran into a mom this year who has a copy of the book and is getting her child's teacher to write a little entry in it each year. She'll give the book to her when she graduates from high school. Imagine?! What a treasure!

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