Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One Tiny Turtle (Nicola Davies)

The ELL teacher in our school gave me this book after she had read the decodable that we are using this week in our class. It is about turtles and has some really interesting facts. This book had some amazing pictures and more facts and the children really did love it. She read it to the ELL group of kids, and gave it to me to share with everyone. Today we read it. I think it was quite helpful for the ELL kids to hear it again, and interesting for the other kids as well.

Goodreads Summary:

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Lyrically chronicles the journey of a tiny, endangered loggerhead turtle as she hatches on the beach, struggles to reach the water's edge, and survives the ocean's dangers to one day return and lay her own eggs on the very same beach.

For use in schools and libraries only? I had no idea there were books like that. I wonder why they do that??? Why not sell your book to everyone?

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