Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Goose! Goose! Moose! (Dave Horowitz)


This is a very simple book, but when I read it to my class they laughed and laughed and laughed. My voice for the moose sounded like he wasn't that bright, I think. They loved it when the Moose says he has to pee. They loved it when on page he is seen picking his nose. It's fun and silly and pretty good entertainment if you ask me!

I noticed, when I read it again, that there are things the kids missed too. I put it in my library corner and whoever has it during DEAR times ends up sitting there snickering away. I love it when that happens!

I loved the author's note:

"All characters and events in theis book are fictional. Any resemblance to the family road trips the author was forced to go on as a child is purely coincidental--especially page 17!"

This would be a fun book to read prior to a long break like Fall Break or Spring Break when families often go on road trips. It could also be one to read when talking about animals and what they do during different seasons. The ducks migrate south, the bear hibernates, and the moose just loves winter no matter what!

Goodreads summary:

An unlikely trio heads south for the winter! Moose loves the Great North Woods because they?re nice and cold, his buddy Bear lives there, and the pancakes are top-notch. He doesn?t usually go south for the winter, but with Bear off hibernating and the Pancake Hut closing until spring, he figures he might as well take the great schlep with Duck and Other Duck. The trio ends up in the exotic land of Florida and Moose is forever dazzled.
Dave Horowitz brings to life the joy of discovering a place completely unlike home?as well as the thrills of bringing a little bit of vacation back home with you!

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