Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Number the Stars (Lois Lowry)


This book has reminded me how glad I am that I blog. I came across some posts from when I had previously read this book. I have actually read this book a few times. I read it first in 2008. I had forgotten that Jill wrote to Lois Lowry and even got a reply! What a great lady Lois Lowry is.

This time around I've read it a couple times. I read it through once just simply reading. Then I read it again to make questions for each chapter for my students. I still need to do it one more time to get a good list of vocabulary words. The re-reading has caused me to have an even greater appreciation for this great book.

We are discussing the book in book club next week. I will add more to this post then!

Re-read January 10, 2017
This book is a great read for reminding yourself of the greatness of people in difficult times.

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