Saturday, January 7, 2017

Look Up! (Jung Jin-Ho)

There are very few words in this story. You have to pay attention to little details to get more from it. It is hard to notice that the main character is a girl in a wheelchair. You can really only tell in one picture, as far as I can see. Once one person looks up and notices her, other people do as well. Interesting symbolism about how we miss things and it just takes one person to make a difference for someone we don't usually see?

Goodreads summary:

Dramatic aerial views and an expressive, subtle palette tell a story about a wheelchair-bound girl looking down from her balcony at passersby below and urging them to Look up!

Dog walkers, a bike rider, a kite flier, and dozens of commuters walk by without taking any notice. Then a boy stops and looks up. He lies on the sidewalk so the girl can see him better. A woman joins him. Soon nine people and one dog are lying down and looking up. The girl looks up at the reader and smiles.

Art and text that are dramatic and elegant tell a story of kindness, compassion and friendship. This book was awarded an Opera Prima Honor at the Bologna Book Fair."

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