Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Boy on the Brink (David McPhail)

This book reminded us of Where the Wild Things Are. My students noticed the change in font when he starts to dream. All of his dreams had something to do with something that happened to him that day or something that had been said to him. When he wakes up, there are several items in his room that were in his dream. My students noticed this right away. We talked about how pictures tell a lot about the story and sometimes the words don't seem to make sense when it is something like a dream. Dreams are crazy!

Goodreads Summary:

That night there was a storm. Thunder shook the boy's bed and sent it flying . . . and when it landed, the bed was transformed into a world of mountains and valleys, with a river that spilled over a waterfall into a vast green sea. 

A little boy is always the hero in his adventurous dreams...

After a fun-filled day of fishing, playing on the beach, and riding ponies at a carnival, a young boy goes to sleep and dreams of adventures inspired by the day's events. The boy rescues a yellow-haired girl from the castle guards, patches a crack in the dam, and saves a giant ship from falling off the edge of a waterfall, always managing to escape from the brink of disaster.

Award-winning author and illustrator David McPhail's distinctive artwork casts nighttime dreaming in a new light.

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