Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mom, Dad, Our Books and Me (Danielle Marcotte)

I'm a total sucker for books about books. This is about a kid who loves reading with his family. It was chosen for the ILA Let's Read Day this next September. I think it's one I will buy and keep. I love the illustrations.  I also think it'll be a great way to introduce students to my expectation that this year they will read more than they ever have before. I always hope to instill a deeper love of reading in my students. The story talks about how reading is involved in many different aspects of life - a good reason to develop that skill!

Danielle Marcotte is a a Canadian author. All the more reason to read this beautiful book!

Goodreads summary:

Reading takes many forms. Some of us read novels, while others read cookbooks, sheet music, tarot cards, or even the stars in the sky. We read clocks, train schedules, and facial expressions. In this ode to reading, each form is lovely and worth celebrating.Mom, Dad, Our Books, and Me follows a young boy and those around him — parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and neighbors — as they all read, immersed in what moves them. 

Vibrant, whimsical paper collage artwork depicts the colors and textures of the many places in which we read, from hammocks and bubble baths to park benches and waiting rooms. The diverse cityscapes and landscapes often include fanciful elements of imagination.

Mom, Dad, Our Books, and Me will leave young readers reveling in this newfound or soon-to-come skill that sparks new adventures and brings people together.

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