Monday, July 11, 2016

Floating on Mama's Song (Laura Lacamara)

Fascinating story. I have to wonder what the floating while singing is all about? Is it that when we do what is right for us, it is like we're floating? We are free and the powers of earth that tie us down no longer have power.

Mama's neighbors come and complain about her singing. It reminded me of the crabs in the bucket theory: If there are a bunch of crabs in a bucket, if one tries to get out, the others will pull it back down so it cannot escape the bucket.

Great story for students who know or are learning Spanish as it is bilingual.

Goodreads summary:

Anita's mama loves to sing. She sings such beautiful, happy songs that something magical happens: Everyone who hears her music floats high above the ground. But then Mama stops singing. Can Anita find a way to bring back happy times and magical moments for her family?

Debut author Laura Lacamara's lyrical, uplifting tale is paired with Yuyi Morales's stunning art for a magical celebration of family, music, and happiness.

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