Tuesday, May 17, 2016

One Hungry Heron (Carolyn Beck)

Interest in the author led me to this book. One of my colleagues told me about her controversial book, The Waiting Dog. I guess it's controversial enough that our public library decided to not buy it. They have a number of her other books though! We're going to go on a Carolyn Beck binge.

This one has great words. We especially loved the words as the storm started and all the animals took cover.

We figured it would be a great one to read with Reading Buddies. We also had a lot of great comments about experiences we have had with snakes, frogs, beavers and snails.

Goodreads summary:

One hungry heron, 
tall and still, 
crooks her leg 
and tips her bill. 

Two drowsy catfish, 
way down deep, 
snuffle through the muck, 
then go to sleep. 

Three darting dragonflies
hover and dip.
Whiz! Pause! Whiz!
Zoom! Zoom! Zip!"The scene starts out quietly enough, but soon the lone heron is joined by two lazy catfish and three darting dragonflies. Before you can say ten tiny turtles, the pond is alive with a great array of wetland wildlife.

Told in clever rhyme, this is a counting book with a difference. Numbers are spelled out in bold text, decorated numerals adorn each page, and amounts are depicted by groupings of swimming, flapping, paddling, darting pond creatures. Up to ten and down again, the count goes forwards and backwards, as thunder rumbles in the background. Plip, plop, the rain begins and lightning flashes. Everything dives for shelter and stays hidden -- until the sun comes out. Then life returns to the pond providing a delightful search and count last page.

Rarely is so much delivered in one spectacular counting book.

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