Monday, May 2, 2016

I Want a Monster (Elise Gravel)

This was a big hit. My class loved the funny pictures of monsters and descriptions of different kinds of monsters. It seemed to make total sense that a kid would beg for a pet monster. They made connections, as we read, about times they have asked their parents for a pet.

In the end, one of the student said, "Hey! We should make our own monsters and write stories about them!" Every year we write a "gloopy", which is basically a story about a monster. It is all the better when the idea comes from them!!

Tomorrow we shall start our monster stories.

Goodreads summary:

Winnie wants a monster! Some monsters smell like pirate feet and some might read your diary, but they are so darn cute! All Winnie’s friends have one. But how much do Oogly-Wumps eat? Don’t they ever sleep? Can monsters get lonely?

I Want a Monster! is a humorous, energetic celebration of the responsibility and joy of owning your dream pet, perfect for fans of Peter Brown’s Children Make Terrible Pets or anyone who’s ever longed for or loved a pet of any kind.

Includes a “Would You Like to Adopt a Monster?” activity at the back of the book.

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