Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Otis and the Puppy (Loren Long)

We have been talking about making connections to stories. I didn't think this would be a great story for that because it is about a tractor on a farm and I have a bunch of city slickers in my class. However, there was a lot they could relate to in this book: playing hide a seek, getting a new puppy, feeling adoration over how cute a puppy is, being afraid of the dark, etc. It was a great read and we had plenty of connections!

Goodreads Summary:

Otis and his farm friends love to play hide-and-seek. Otis especially loves to be "It," finding his friends as they hide. Yet when the newest addition to the farm—a bounding puppy who can't sit still and has a habit of licking faces—tries to hide, he finds his attention wandering and is soon lost in the forest. Night falls and Otis, knowing his new friend is afraid of the dark, sets out to find him. There's just one problem: Otis is also afraid of the dark. His friend is alone and in need, though, so Otis takes a deep breath, counts to ten, and sets off on a different game of hide-and-seek.

From the critically-acclaimed illustrator of The Little Engine that Could,Of Thee I Sing, and Otis, the 2013 Read for the Record selection.

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