Monday, November 30, 2015

Mattoo, Let's Play! (Irene Luxbacher)

A simple story, but great starting point for a friendship discussion. The main character in the story seems to not realize that she is too boisterous and adventurous for her cat. We talked about how when you want to be friends with them you have to see things from their perspective and consider playing games that they are comfortable with.

The illustrations in this book a beautiful! They are black and white and very bold, with just a bit of colour. Loved the book.

Goodreads summary:

Ruby can't understand why her cat, Mattoo, never wants to play. Ruby is good-natured but is perhaps too boisterous. Will Mattoo ever want to play with Ruby? Will Ruby ever win Mattoo's affection? With striking acrylic illustrations, Mattoo, Let's Play! is a visually rich story that shows how playing carefully and gently with a pet can make all the difference.

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