Thursday, October 22, 2015

Caboose Who Got Loose (Bill Peet)

A great story of a caboose who is forced to live life in the fast lane when what she really wants is to enjoy peace and solitude with a good view. We talked about how some people like to be out and busy and with people all the time and how some people prefer time alone. One of my wise students reminded us that most people need a little bit of both.

You simply can't go wrong with Bill Peet. This book is in prose and some of the words/phrases were a little tricky for my class, but it was a good way to introduce them to something a little more challenging to read. I even noticed one child chose it as a book to read to his reading buddy later in the day.

I love Bill Peet!

Katy Caboose is tired of being last, and one day a freak accident allows her to realize her dream of peace and solitude.

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