Thursday, June 11, 2015

See You Next Year (Andrew Larsen and Todd Stewart)

We are looking for a great book to give our Assistant Principal who is not going to be here next year. This one seemed like a good idea, but didn't totally grab us when I read it to my class. Still searching!

The story is lovely though. It would be a great end of year story. We could talk about traditions our family has in the summer. The girl in the story goes to the same place every year for a vacation. The illustrations are beautiful.

Goodreads summary:

Every summer, a girl’s family drives down the same roads, passes through the same towns, and spends a week at the same beachside motel. Year after year, everything is comfortingly predictable: the families they see, the rhythm of the days, the stars, the bonfires, and even the pattern the tractor makes as it rakes the sand on their beach. But this year, something is different: the girl, our narrator, meets a new friend who shows her how to dive under the waves and spot satellites in the night sky. When it’s time to go, she’s sad to part ways. But she knows she can look forward to seeing him next year. Illustrated in a restrained, retro palette, this story perfectly captures the timelessness of a summer holiday. The effect is nostalgic and almost hazy, as if seen in a dream, a memory, or through the shimmering air of a hot summer day.

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