Saturday, April 4, 2015

Red Rubber Boot Day (Mary Lyn Ray)

Simple words. Beautiful pictures. Really portrayed the feelings of a rainy day - the dreariness and the fun - and the happiness when the sun comes out again.

Some great suggestions on Good Reads:

Kathy Bennett: This would be a great story for a small child who says "I'm bored" on a rainy day. A child lists the activities he enjoys when it is rainy out.

Ginna: This book has amazing illustrations, you could do a whole lesson on senses - What senses the character of the book used during the story, and how do you relate to that? You could ask your students to write a story where they are the main character and what would they do in a rainy day. could use this book and Pete The Cat "I like My White Shoes" and make book to book connections during circle time. Students will use great vocabulary and they might also make personal connections too!

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