Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole (Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen)

When I read this book to my class, I realized I don't know that much about kids. I read it and thought it was a fun book. Kids like to dig holes. When I read it to my class though, they laughed and slapped the ground and pointed and gasped.

The boys dig a hole to find treasure. As they're digging they get discouraged and decide to change direction just as they're actually inches away from a huge treasure. My students loved it!

Apparently, there are others who realize how great it was too. It just received the Caldecott!

Best of all, Jon Klassen is a Canadian.

Canadian Authors
Chasing Dreams - what kid doesn't want to find a treasure!
Humor - They're so close. Interestingly, the dog seems to always be pointing to the treasure, but they don't notice
Imagination - it almost seems wrong to tag this with imagination. Adults would say it's imagination that keeps kids digging for treasure. This book shows the treasure is real though.
Point of View - the dog's point of view seems much more informed than the boys

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