Monday, February 9, 2015

Peace Week in Ms Fox's Class (Eileen Spinelli)

Now and then we get to have the counsellor in our school come in for character lessons. Today was one of those days. She read Peace Week in Mrs. fox's class and had a really good discussion. We talked about good ways to solve problems and how we can turn a situation into a problem by how we react. Or we can turn it around and react in a way that gets rid of any of the tension or bad feelings. This is a great skill to learn!

Funny: the kids I have seen really responding to things other kids say or do claimed they don't care what others say.

One student mentioned he had aroblem with someone but he didn't have enough courage to say anything to solve it.

One student told us her dad says if you keep mean feelings in your heart instead of solving the problem, it is like keeping s poison in your heart.

Good ideas: 

- instead of reacting, just give a compliment back and walk away
- apologize and ask if you can do anything to make it better
- find a way to solve the make a chart!

Things that came up in our discussion today:
What if...

Someone laughs at you when you make a mistake in math?
What if someone buds in when you are trying to solve a problem with someone?
What if someone pushes you in line and isn't paying attention?

The author of this book is married to the great author, Jerry Spinelli of Star Girl fame! 

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