Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Quirks: Welcome to Normal (Erin Soderburg)

It is always fun to get in on the beginning if a good series. It looks like I found one!

The Quirks are a family that have magical powers....or quirks. Everyone has a unique quirk - well, except Molly. She doesn't have any quirks at all. Quirks are a problem because it makes them unique, and sometimes kids don't like feeling different. Their quirks have made it difficult to stay anywhere for very long. They have finally moved to new town that they really like and would rather stay than run off when people start getting suspicious of their quirks. However, they have to find ways to fit in and to look normal in Normal.

Although it is a fun and imaginative book, it has issues that many kids think about: fitting in.

P. 139: Molly buried her face and Penelope's pillow and growled. She was frustrated with her family for getting in the way and being so different all the time. She was annoyed with her sister forgiving up. But mostly, she was disappointed in herself make everything work out the way it should.
      She and Pen lay in the dark, listening to the sounds of their coordinated breathing, each girl thinking her own thoughts. As she began to drift back to sleep, Molly thought about something she'd considered 100 times before: Why had the universe or God or whoever is in charge given her no quirks at all while her sister was stuffed so full of magic that she couldn't contain it?
     Penelope fit in with the other Quirks, but she might never fits in outside their house. Molly might never fit in as a Quirk...and because of her family, she was always going to have a hard time fitting in with the outer world, too.
     It just wasn't fair.

There is an epilogue at the end of this book, which leads perfectly into book 2: Quirkus Circus.

Book 3 is due out in January and then book 4 September 2015, according to the author's website.

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