Friday, August 15, 2014

Reading Levels

Today I was reading Ten Years in the Tub. It is an anthology of articles written by Nick Hornby on books and reading. Mostly I skimmed and jumped around and read the chapters where he discusses books I have read. Skellig was on his list and he had a great quote from the book. Michael's home schooled friend, Mina, comes over and is looking at some of his books:

"Yea, looks good," She said, "But what's the red sticker for?"
"It's for confident readers, "I said. "It's to do with reading age."
"And what if other readers wanted to read it? ...and where would William Blake fit in? ... "Tyger! Tyger! Burning bright / In the forests of the night." is that for the best readers or the worst readers? Does it need a good reading age? ... And if it was for the worst readers would the best readers not bother with it because it was too stupid for them?"

Nick Hornsby goes on to muse about whether or not he is missing all sorts of great novels because they're not for adults. I'm with him.

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