Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Am Dead at Recess (Neil Crone)

It has been a week of indoor recess. Tumblebooks is a lifesaver!

Today we listened to I am Dead at Recess. It is a story of a book who tries to shoot a spitball at the teacher, but misses and hits the big mean kid. He's pretty sure he's dead at recess. However, as he sits, cowering, he discovers that the mean kid thinks it was the kid behind him who did it. The kid who sits behind him takes matters into his own hands and knocks the big mean kid on his ear. As a result, forever after, he carries those kids books.

The story is all in prose and is really well done. However, the words were a little too tricky for my class. They didn't get it, even after we read it twice.

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