Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hoover's Bride (David Small)

Hoover's Bride

Goodreads summary:

"Her name was Elektra. He bought her a ring / And he didn't buy her just any old thing. / A grapefruit-size diamond was what Hoover chose / In a size that would fit on the end of her hose."
In this hilarious, wacky "love story," the clueless Mr. Hoover gets married to Elektra, the vaccuum cleaner of his dreams. After being pronounced man and appliance, the two go on a honeymoon -- where Elektra promptly runs off with a lawn mower. But all is not lost for Mr. Hoover, who soon finds a much more conventional bride.

Another great book by David Small. This is hilarious laugh out loud book all in prose. We read it on Tumblebooks today. It's a funny story and my class was totally taken by it.

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