Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hank Zipzer: I Got a D in Salami (Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver)

Who knew Henry Winkler was an author? This is a story full of his humor. This book is actually the second book in the series (I couldn't get the first one at my public library) and I was excited to read it to my class. Sadly, it wasn't a big hit. I think, perhaps, the story didn't happen fast enough for a read-aloud. We decided to abandon it as a class - but I had to finish it. A friend had recommended the series to me and she said her son could often be found giggling away as he read those books.

Here's the summary from Wikipedia:

The story is about Hank, a boy in 4th grade, and it starts off with him getting his first report card - which is not good news. He goes to his mom's deli to show her. While this is going on, his mom is making a special salami to give to a leader of a supermarket chain. Hank decides to get rid of his report card before his parents see it. He gives it to Robert to destroy. Robert puts it in a batch of salami. Once his mom is done making many batches of the salami, she picks the one with the report card in it. Hank and his friends try to put a stop to the delivery but they don't stop the deliveryman in time. While this is going on Hank figures out he has learning problems. In the end Hank begins eating his sandwich while visiting the Press for the large Supermarket chain and gets a business deal for his mom's deli.

Even though it was not a hit as a read aloud, I think I will still try to get a bunch of these books for my library corner. Someone's going to catch on to these, I'm sure!

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