Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An Everlasting Meal (Tamar Adler)


I love this book. It's a recipe book in the form of a chapter book. It's one of those books that is like how Grandma would have taught you to cook. Tamar Adler starts off with how to boil water. She talks about the great things that can be done with water and how one meal leads into another meal. Her ideas are practical, frugal and sound absolutely delicious. She is a master of knowing what herbs to add, how to add oil and veggies to make any sandwich amazing, and more.

My big take away from this read is to have a bunch of vegetables that you bake and use those throughout the week. I have tried it a couple times. Her suggestions need a little refining (er, perhaps expanding) to work for me. The first time I did it I bought a bunch of vegetables and baked them up in 3 big corning ware rectangle dishes. My family ate them all up in one sitting. So much for a week's worth! Then again, it might have been the novelty of it all. I'm not daunted. I will try it again. Well worth it.

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