Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Bears We Know (Brenda Silsbe)


This might be a good friendship story. We could talk about how we need to get to know people rather than make assumptions.

I think we all actually wish we were the bears. However, the narrator seems to be like an old grandma clucking her tongue and shaking her head at these bad neighbors...and she doesn't even know them.

I'm not sure how I feel about this book.

Goodreads says:
Does anyone really know the bears next door?

Every neighborhood has its black sheep... but this one has bears. Well, nobody has actually seen the inhabitants of the house at the end of the road, but that doesn't stop the gossip about The Bears We Know.

In colorfully mischievous illustrations, readers are invited to see for themselves these ursine neighbors living life as they see fit. They sleep late every day, and their house is a mess. They eat bagfuls of chips, and they jump on the furniture. They sing songs that make them cry, and they stay up way too late. Also, they growl if anyone gets too close, so nobody visits. But you don't need to visit to know all about these bears... right?

Originally published as a mini-book, The Bears We Know is back in a full-sized format with new illustrations that highlight the hijinks of these unsavory neighbors. This playful story promises to charm even as it challenges with the question "Does anybody really know their next-door neighbors?"

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